Napoleon IT School

We founded the first free IT school in Russia.
Free online and offline education at the sites of leading Russian
universities: Gubkin University, SUSU, ChelSU, MIDiS.

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90% of students

get a permanent
job at leading IT

4 out of 20 students

take paid internships at
Napoleon IT or other leading
IT companies in the Ural

7 out of 10 teachers

on the course were
formerly students of
this or another course

1 000 students

have completed free
educational courses over
the past years

Mobile development

Development of application interface,
learning basic frameworks

- Interaction with system components
- Writing application business logic
- Study of application multithreading
- Work with the network

Machine Learning

Courses on the basics of machine
learning and big data analysis

Extensive list of topics and activities: linear
models, metric algorithms, boosting, neural
networks, image processing and generation
and much more. A community of over 500
graduates and young scientists engaged
in practical activities in these areas.

Data experience design

Project management basics and the
manager’s role in the process
of project development and launch.

The advantages of using Agile methodology
in data science project management. Developing
and managing product, development technology,
digital marketing in mobile and web development.

Internet Of Things

Sensor Network Topology
interaction of internet things
with public networks

Compatibility of Internet-things and their
possible vulnerabilities, the latest modules
for the development of IoT. A community of
200 participants and more than 50 working
projects - from the “smart home” to the “safe city”


Courses and educational
development community about
blockchain technologies

The use of blockchain technology in the field
of cryptocurrency and other areas and
industries. Topics covered include anonymity
and ICO features for companies.

Our Objectives

Foster new
digital generation
in Russia

Provide manpower
to high-demand sphere

Give opportunities
to young and talented
and scientists

Give practical experience
to students

Connect business
and young talents