Computer Vision
for business transformation.

Napoleon IT offers AI-driven solutions for multiple
applications enabling you to go from simple image capturing
to advanced business analytics in no time.

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Our Computer Vision solutions

Medical Images

- X-ray
- CT


- Safety and security
- Staff admission
- Identity verification
- Face recognition API

Computer Vision Solutions
for Retailers and Brands

- Shelf monitoring
- Availability management
- Planogram compliance - SKU identification
- Instore customer tracking
- Face recognition for loyalty programs
- Face recognition for personnel
management on one line

- Competitor monitoring
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- Computer vision and AR
for self-checkout

- Cashierless checkout
- Automated retail stores

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Computer Vision

Why choose us among all the other
Computer Vision providers

Quality control
and continuous improvement

Our solution guarantees a correct image
recognition with 99.99% accuracy. We combine
the computer vision algorithm with manual
verification processes to ensure the
continuous learning and improvement
of our software solution.


Flexibility is key to respond quickly
to the evolving environment we are living in.
As we recognize the lack of annotated
data as main limitation for the wider
application of neural networks, we use
synthetic data generation to launch machine
learning models even before receiving
the first batch of your data.


We collaborate closely with leading
neuroscientists to mimic the human brain
when recognizing visual inputs. Creating
these parallels makes our algorithm not
only very accurate (99.99% accuracy) but,
furthermore, enables us to create a highly
resource-efficient system which runs
even on mobile devices smoothly.

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