Oblastnoy aptechniy sklad

CRM system, chat bot and mobile application for 'Oblastnoy aptechniy sklad'
company. Fast and handy service for searching information, medical goods
reservation and many other things from a customer's mobile device.

Project objective

increase sales, service level and key indicators
of the branch as well as provide costumers with
a handy mobile app.

Key indicators

customer traffic in retail outlets, average receipt,
purchase frequency, number of preorders, number
of cards registered through the application.


Goods catalog
with filters

With the help of a convenient goods catalog a customer
can add medicines to cart wherever he or she is
without bound to a computer or browser


Goods reservations

Users can make reservation of needed
medicines from the mobile application


Pharmacy stocks display

One can find all information on the quantity
of medicines remaining on the corresponding item
page in the app


by subscription

A user receives a notification about
the delivery of a rare medicine
to a pharmacy


Digital discount card

No plastic discount card: its digital version
is always in the phone, and the discount availiable
with it is captured even in the app


Pharmacies map

The app can map a route to the nearest
pharmacies to a user

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