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“Impossible is a word
to be found only in the
dictionary of fools.” Napoleon Bonaparte

NapoleonIT company has invented and developed more than 100 mobile applications for the leading companies of Russia and Eastern Europe. Mobile application is a modern approach for business operation, expansion of company communication media and customer care. Do you need a mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android? The team of passionate professionals is ready to realize the boldest ideas.

and consulting

We will help you to choose the best possible concept of application for reaching your business targets. Our experience can guarantee the minimization of risks both at the stage of mobile product developing as well as at the moment of its launching.

and monetization

To stand out of 900 000 applications at AppStore and more than 1 000 000 applications at the GooglePlay Store is becoming more and more complicated. 5 our applications have been in TOP10 AppStore, because we chose the right strategy of promotion.

and design

We think a good application must be easy to use, good-looking and work fast and faultlessly. These are exactly the applications we are inventing for iPhone, Android and WindowsPhone


Java/Andoid Development
iPhone/iPad Development
Windows Phone Development
Unity/C# Development
Adobe CS6/CC Plugin Development
Delphi/Visual lC Development


Your total control over the project development. The professional and transparent approach of project management (Software project management)is of primary importance for us. We work in many well-known ERP-systems preferring Atlassian Jira. All our clients have the direct access to tracking, correcting and testing their projects at any stage of development period.


An hourly rate of our experts is $50 per hour. The regional distance of our head office from the capital and the accurate time management let us have fair price for the development but at the same time providing the wide range of services.